HARLEY WEIR'S five women

Across five cities in five countries, Harley Weir captures five creative women at different stages of their young lives, each inspired by the complex characteristics of CHANEL Nº5.
In Paris, she finds the young actress Oulaya Amamra, whose strength and grace have guided her from the apartment she shares with her mother to the movie sets where she immerses herself in every character she plays.
Harley enters into photographer Momo Okabe’s technicolour vision of Tokyo next and considers the way in which we create our identities, as she meets the subjects of Momo’s photobooks whose transforming bodies were first documented at the bars and backstreets Harley now encounters here.
The poet Zariya Allen then takes her on a journey of youthful self-expression and teenage desire, to the highways and beaches of Los Angeles whose rhythms guide her words.
In Johannesburg, South Africa, dancer Manthe Ribane shares her powerful story of a young woman on the journey of finding herself, alongside her brother and sister, as she is driven to create an echo of positivity with every step and offer hope to a community that has given shape to her dreams.
And finally, Harley experiences Berlin through the extraordinary perspective of artist Christine Sun Kim, uncovering the deep and profound way in which our senses work together to make meaning of the world.

See all the chapters here: https://thefifthsense.i-d.co/en_gb/hero/harley-weir/


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