Harvey Nichols

  • Mary Leonard
  • Dafni Nitu
  • Ethan Rawlins

How do you take a timeless British brand and make it desirable for a younger generation?

Founded in 1831, Harvey Nichols is a British luxury shopping experience known for its playful personality. Harvey Nichols came to Construct London looking for a new identity for their ‘own brand’ food and drinks range. The aim was to reestablish them for a contemporary, digital-first audience.
Instead of completely reinventing the historic brand we focused on refreshing the logomark and creating witty packaging that uses elegant monochromatic designs to tell the story of each product. By pairing these designs with little hidden moments and playful messaging we created layered experiences that spoke to the ‘unboxing’ phenomenon that was growing in popularity. Through seeding the packaging with social influencers in the food and lifestyle sectors we made the brand more relevant and contemporary for a younger, influential audience.


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