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Ace & Tate collaborated with District Magazine to produce a limited edition publication, HEADS. We’re super proud to launch our first Irish store in Dublin and, in celebratory style, we wanted to get to know the movers and shakers who are doing amazing things in the city.

Mango, Aisling, David, Feli and Joe are just some of the local heads who’re continually progressing Dublin's creative scene, establishing successful careers there and shining a light on the city for the rest of the world to see — impressive, right? We’re excited to join the local community. Cheers, Dublin!

Creative Direction: Ellius Grace

Words: Eric Davidson

Mango Dassle

In the late 2000s Mango played nearly every venue in the city and further afield with his widely-beloved group The Animators but, after creative but amicable differences broke the crew up, he decided to create music his way. Alongside fellow Animator MathMan, the pair have since grabbed Ireland’s music scene by the throat with their raw and punchy grime-inflected sound.

“To turn tragedy into triumph is something I’ve learned from Dublin” - Mango Dassle

Aisling Farinella

As well as being one of Ireland's leading stylists, Aisling Farinella is the editor and co-founder of Thread Magazine. Since beginning her career in fashion, she’s brought an edge and vision to Dublin that the city had been seriously lacking. In collaboration with Keith Nally and Indigo & Cloth’s Garrett Pitcher she created the bi-annual fashion publication, featuring design and subject matter seldom covered on these shores.

“The way I connect with fashion is through the process, through the cultural and community aspect, and I really wanted to have a space to explore that and share it with other people” - Ailsing Farinella

David Wall

Husband to Aisling (above) and father to their two kids, David is also the co-founder of WorkGroup alongside his business partner Conor Nolan. Formerly known as Conor & David, WorkGroup is one of the most important organisations in Irish graphic design. David is also a board member at The Institute of Designers in Ireland, plus a founder of both the 100Archive and type foundry TypeGroup. He’s also a design writer for monthly publication Totally Dublin.

“I was born in Dublin. I’ve lived here all my life so I’m sure everything I do, everything I am, is as a Dubliner really” - David Wall

Felicia Olusanya (aka Felispeaks)

For Feli, a Nigeria-born, Longford-raised, Maynooth native, being a poet happened almost by accident. Her popularity has been rising in tandem with the resurgence in demand for spoken word in Ireland. Poetry is in this country’s blood. Pubs and streets are named after laureates of old and the echoes of their work can still be heard in every corner of the arts here. But there has been a tangible shift in recent years, with a wider audience having a thirst for the spoken word.

“The imperfections of Dublin city itself reflects on the citizens and it’s so enjoyable to watch and see people with all their cracks that resemble the city” - Felispeaks

Joe Macken

More than once dubbed as ‘The King of Casual Dining in Ireland’, when you see Joe Macken walking seemingly nonchalantly through Dublin with his pooches Fennel and Farrell, you’d be mistaken for thinking he’s out for a midday stroll. But in reality, Joe is probably flitting between one of his six wildly successful eateries; Crackbird, Jo’Burger (Smithfield and Castle Market), Skinflint and, most recently, “Jo’Burger all grown up”, Hey Donna.

“I think food culture is important for any culture. It’s mad in Ireland, because we didn’t have one and we’re still trying to find our feet” - Joe Macken

HEADS is available as a limited print zine in our store at 30 Exchequer Street, Dublin. It was designed by talented local graphic designer, Shauna Buckley.

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