Headtop Tour w/ lostintottenham, Sara El Harrak and Domo Gorille

  • Tice Cin

4 friends from north London are on their way to a house party in Enfield, from Tottenham. Join their Headtop Tour, an audio-visual experience of the leadup, as they collect vibes along the way. lostintottenham and Tice Cin team up to curate and bring songs from the vaults - from Grime to UK Funky - with neo-psychedelic rapper Domo Gorille and soulful singer Sara El Harrak joining them to drop gems. Domo pulled up to a club with incense. Sara ditched her Uber at Bruce Castle Park. There’s a lot of ways that people can be on their way. The visuals surrounding the set are photos taken by Richard L. Dixon (lostintottenham) of north London, part of a series of works exploring the areas that make a home and the liminality of urban spaces amidst the eye of turbo-capitalism and gentrification – psychogeographic tours of Tottenham and beyond. They have been glitched and motioned by artist Jasper Golding in a surreal style – combined with word overlays using poetic bars about north London from Domo Gorille, Sara El Harrak and Tice Cin. Filmed by Lee Kirk Fagan at The Cause in Tottenham. In its first life, this stream was part of the Threads x Common Multiverse Initiative with innovative online community space, Currents.fm – COMMON, their decentralised festival had been voyaging since 13th March and featured the likes of Yoruba Records head Osunlade and Imbue Detroit. Sara El Harrak - https://instagram.com/elha.sara Domo Gorille - https://instagram.com/DomoGorille Tice Cin - https://instagram.com/ticecin lostintottenham - https://instagram.com/lostintottenham Jasper Golding - https://instagram.com/jasper.golding | https://jaspergolding.com/

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