Hearth of roses - for @travis.magazine

  • Simran Kaur

"Heart of Roses" stands as a captivating and evocative artistic creation that draws its essence from the rebellious spirit of punk and the passionate allure of romanticism. A seamless amalgamation of these two distinct yet harmonious artistic movements, this creation delves deep into the realm of human emotions, exploring the poignant theme of a long-lost love. The punk movement, known for its raw energy and fearless defiance of societal norms, serves as a powerful backdrop for the narrative. The rebellious ethos of punk infuses the work with an unapologetic candor, reflecting the intensity of emotions experienced when love is both found and lost. The gritty aesthetic of punk serves as a visual metaphor for the emotional turmoil of the central theme, contrasting with the delicate subject matter it portrays. Team credits: Photographer and Creative director Simran Kaur @simran_k_01 Creative direction inspired by @hitrisisters Stylist Doco Jiang @docoooii Stylist’s assistant Stephanie Hui @stepppppp_ Casting Director Travis Agency @travis.agency MUA Yuanfan Yu @meinv_mua Hairstylist Evelin Virag @_hairstylist_london Nail artist Kirsty Ball @kkirstymarie Models Poppy Thalia - @poppythalia From Travis Agency @travis.agency Ebony-Renee Jenkins - @x.ebonyrxnee From Travis Agency @travis.agency