Heineken X F1

  • Kishan Saujani


The Idea

Working with industry insiders, we gathered a mountain of extraordinary F1 insights, facts and stats including engineering feats, drivers pre-race rituals and the way cities transform when GPs roll into town. We collected various golden nuggets from F1 world and turned them into short pieces of content that entice the latent fans into real fans, showing what F1 is really about.

How we did it

We needed someone credible to tell these nuggets of Formula one wisdom, so we recruited David Coulthard. A legend in the sport and an approachable face outside of it. To start, we created 3x 15 second films (Walk-throughs) designed to feel like the best classroom lesson you ever sat through. DC tackles each F1 misconception one by one, countering it with a string of remarkable facts, all delivered in one mind bending 'to camera' monologue. To add, we created modern race posters for each race to pay homage to the classic tradition since the early days of the Grand Prix.
The case study

The Walkthroughs.

It's not just about the cold hard tech.
We don't just drive around in circles.
Are F1 drivers really athletes?
Culture really does influence the race.
The Raceposters.

Since the start of Formula One, each race had its own bespoke Race Poster as its first point of advertising. Over time, tech has changed this but the tradition hasn’t, we wanted to give this a refresh by creating up to date digital race posters. These announced each Grand Prix on social and distributed to audiences around the globe at crucial race moments. Each 'poster' used imagery and language that drew focus to a side of the sport you'd never have expected including architecture, fan culture & local rituals.