HELLO WORLD! Exhibition

  • Axelle Van Wynsberghe

The first exhibition of the works and experiments of Creative Coding Utrecht.

From November 2-4 in Utrecht, 'Hello World!' exhibited the artworks and experiments of 'creative coders' - artists, designers and programmers that use digital technologies to make artworks and experiments; combining artistic research with creative output. Throughout the exhibition the audience is made to reflect on the boundaries of tools, the role of play and experimentation in the creative process, and the politics of the aesthetics and infrastructures of digital technologies.
The exhibition has three main themes:
Making, Together: Redefining the ‘User’ and ‘Amateur’ in a Community of Makers
‘Critical Making’: Discovering Underlying Processes and Systems
Artistic Agency: Experimenting with Control and Randomness
Read more about the exhibition on DIGICULT: http://digicult.it/slider/between-creative-coding-and-society-interview-with-fabian-van-sluijs/
Or on Medium: https://medium.com/@axellevanwynsberghe