Hendrick Kganyago Origin of the Entrepreneur Concept

  • Hendrick Kganyago

The word "businessman" was born in medieval French times. At this time, the “entrepeneur”

Hendrick Kganyago was called the individual in charge of using the factors of production -the work of the serfs, the materials and the resources of the feudal lord or the king- and assuming the risk for the construction of buildings or armaments.

The forms of entrepreneurship have varied throughout history. All this, depending on how the economic transformation processes have been constituted.
Hendrick Kganyago Thus, at the beginning of the industrial era, the businessman was the founder and owner of his own firm; assuming the inherent risks of any business.

Subsequently, the possibility was opened for several businessmen to jointly assume control of a company. Or, also, that an owner, with sufficient financial resources, hires an entrepreneur to manage his business.