• Bingxin Feng
  • Louisiane Trotobas

Collaborated with art director Louisiane Trotobas, HERMA is an interactive installation that re-imagines gender using light, sound, and scent. Through abstraction, the multi-sensory experience strives to de-construct the normative idea of gender representations and expectations. Gender expressions extend beyond the categorical conventions of masculinity, femininity, and androgyny. By creating unexpected encounters with perpetually moving textures and forms, HERMA explores gender’s ambiguous and shape-shifting nature. More details please check: https://herma.space

Technical Details

Reflecting on the concept of gender’s transitory and shapeless nature, as viewers experience the installation, the flowing pace of the visual changes in accordance with the amount, the locations, and the movements of the views. The gorgeous flowing animation was created by Louisiane, and the interaction system was created by Bingxin, using OpenFrameworks and a Kinect infrared camera. In the installation space, audience are captured and presented through the Kinect camera as white pixels in a black background. Then the speed of the animation is mapped with the proportion of of the white and black pixels. And the projection mapping is done with ofxPiMapper.