High Flyer

  • Graeme Stephenson
  • Craig Minchington

Branding for a rewards & recognition programme within Dubai Airports titled “High Flyer”. Adding a differentiated product to the company’s internal communications to enrich staff engagement and brand affiliation. We engineered a visual style which would appeal to a consumer audience by understanding that peer recognition within staff cultures can be a key driver for change. Centralising the visual communications around compelling staff photography and fun 3D visuals, we aimed to increase awareness and elevate the profiles of success stories as reward in itself. Staff photography was deep rooted in the visual language throughout. From an art directional point-of-view, we shone a new light on familiar faces within the corporate palette. Sparking interest and social engagement to raise awareness of the High Flyer recognition programme, the images were updated quarterly to provide an ongoing ecosystem of new faces to the communications which populated engagement videos, internal presentations, emailers, roadshows, town hall events and a host of quirky sundries which were designed and produced to populate the office environments. The 3D worlds were developed with multiple inner subjects which could be isolated from the bigger picture and extend their ROI and asset uses. The monotone art direction allowed for cognitive behaviour when seen, as it was distinct from the High Flyer initiative. Each scene / world which was utilised in mo bile application, appointment reminders, HTML blasts, explainer videos, screensavers, intranet site and platform presentations.