Higher Health — A Cult Awareness Campaign

  • Rowan Black

I’ve been interested in the idea of ‘the cult-brand’ for a long time, and particularly within the last half-year or so, there’s been more and more articles being released regarding what they’re really like behind their outward personas, such as the collective obsession over SoulCycle’s instructors, or the various lawsuits surrounding some of Goop’s more physically harmful merchandise. I wanted to create a space where all this information is collected and made readily accessible to as to inform people on the truth behind these brands so they can make informed opinions for themselves on whether they, and other brands similar to them, are trustworthy. This resulted in the production of a website and mobile-format site rating these brands on how much of a cult they are, accompanied by posters and social media to help advertise the campaign. To communicate the idea of cult-mentality, I opted for a satirical visual language of these brands’ most prominent figures all sharing the same face (my own specifically, due to pandemic restrictions) coupled with obnoxious copywriting in a similar vein to these brands’ motivational copy.