Historypin’s Storybox

Strengthening communities
Increasing understanding and empathy amongst diverse groups of people

The Challenge

We live in increasingly divided communities where the perceived differences between groups with different backgrounds often outweighs what they actually have in common. This often leads to segregated groups of people with strong differing viewpoints and little empathy for others.

The Solution

Local story-sharing events where participants join the dots of what they have in common. Community facilitators use a ready-to-go kit to run events with diverse groups of local people.

So far…

  • Concept and early prototypes tested across 20+ locations in the UK and USA
  • 300+ participants engaged to date
  • Pilot underway in the USA, engaging 15 library-facilitators across four states
“It is easy to facilitate yet it is very meaningful. It connects you with people in your community. I could really see it working in lots of different environments.”
Andrea, Partner of Historypin’s Storybox