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Dan Helgi Helgason í Gong

Dan Helgi Helgason í Gong

Sound Artist

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#HLMB / He Loves My Body

This audiovisual work seeks to question assumptions we build of people through voice, looks, gestures etc. As a man, bending your hand makes you gay? As a woman, spreading your legs as you sit makes you lesbian?

Drawing inspiration from Contemporary dance and existing Pop lyrics on themes of sexual adoration expressed by a woman towards a man, the work underlines how this sort of adoration is not prominent (if at all) when it comes to male expressions towards other men in Pop. ''He loves my body...'' is certainly something Beyoncé could have written, but she did not. Dan Helgi sets out to critique the heterogenous world of Pop, as well making a critique of ourselves as judges.

The audiovisual piece was exhibited at Angus-Hughes Gallery in December 2014.

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