Homs und Ich — OST

  • Marco Caricola

The story of a siege: for two years during the Syrian civil war, Sulaiman Tadmory was trapped in Homs and kept a film diary of his painful experiences. He is 23 when Assad’s army surrounds the old town of Homs overnight. When he wakes up the next morning, he is in a besieged city. He soon finds out what that means: no food, no medicine, his family just a few hundred metres away but unreachable. With his camera, Tadmory documents a day-to-day existence that gets steadily more and more unbearable – and shows how a fear of dying becomes in wartime a fear of surviving. Director: Sulaiman Tadmory, Stephan Löhr, Katharina Schiele Narration: Tom Schilling Producer: Bettina Wieselhuber Music: Marco Caricola Commissioning Editor: Timo Großpietsch Produced by NDR Premiered in September 2019 at Filmfest Hamburg: https://www.filmfesthamburg.de/en/programm/Film/32618/Homs_und_ich Soundtrack LP released on 1631 Recordings: https://open.spotify.com/album/5t3CiZCgfs4axLVvAKTAT5?si=qyb5A54WSv2N8VzjCV2pcQ