• Ines Leite

3D illustration/sculpt, exploring digitalised handmade textures and an illustrative approach with digital 3D sculpting tools in Cinema 4D. Project made during the 2020 lockdown due to civid-19. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I've always been drawn too anatomical illustrations. The details in the shading, the rawness of it. Specially the heart. I like it's symmetrical asymmetry, the complexity. I find fascinating how love is represented by a heart in the most cute shape and form ♥️ when in reality I find it to be one of the most visceral organs of all. The shape, the consistent beating, the veins, the fat around it. Not smooth and shining like the liver or bubbly like the lungs. No. The heart is a restless maestro orchestrating in a constant beat to rest alive. Perhaps because the heart is the most vital of all organs. Perhaps because there's no meaning in life without LOVE.