Hope For Our Daughter's - Focus Features

  • Kishan Saujani
  • Isaac Petgrave

Injustices against women are still happening around the world, even after a 100 years.

A thought provoking video where we ask a number of young females claims on gender inequality. All they had to do was answer if they felt those claims were current or from the long old past. It’s hard to say that all the stats were current and when the girls found out, they were stunned as stunned as we were.

How it worked
The end of the video provoked a social challenge that encouraged the public to post their own “hopes” on social media (Insta & FB) with the hashtag #HopeForOurDaughters. Focus Features donated $1 for every post made to Equality Now (an NGO focused on achieving “legal and systematic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world”).