Horse Suncream- I'm Merse, Immerse Me

I'm Merse, Immerse Me. A campaign that began from a simple sun tan lotion bottle. The original concept was to immerse a horse in sun cream, to keep them protected during a hot summers day horse racing event. Then I split the word into two and it became far more interesting! Meet the star of the brand, the icon; Merse! I flourished with creativity after I visualised a character concept which I could play around with. A wacky horse, with buck teeth, googly eyes, a champion racehorse, diva figure. A comical character which we could relate to on an emotional level with his quirky human characteristics, depicting the close relationship between an owner and their pets!

Alongside the print ads, this campaign existed with a few ideas for tv commercials with storyboards and scripts and a flash mob event inspired by Nick Cave's- Heard NY dance exhibition.