How To Enjoy [The City], Omnibus Theatre 2021

  • Munotida Chinyanga

State of the [art] take over Omnibus Theatre throughout August 2021 with a feast of live events in their latest campaign, How to Enjoy [The City] How to Enjoy [The City] is a series of 22 interactive events designed to restore connections and engage the community; building a better, more connected society after an isolated 18 months. Every Friday and Saturday throughout August 2021, international arts organisation state of the [art] are set to host a diverse range of interactive events stamping their signature twists on: silent discos, spoken word, stand-up comedy, yoga, creative coding classes, live art, game shows, artist networking opportunities, monologue slams and date nights, as well as an exclusive collaboration with South Asian Artist Collective; Juice Magazine. The events are part of a fundraising campaign for their upcoming project How to Build [The City].