How to wear underwear as outerwear: A shoot with Ann Summers

  • Ife Akinroyeje
  • Naa Anum

Do what you want

Coco Chanel went out in silky pyjamas, Kate and Naomi went to London parties in see-through slips and Madonna’s cone shaped bra is iconic. Underwear as outerwear is nothing new, but it’s becoming more appealing over time. It’s cheaper, liberating, comfy af and doesn’t necessarily have to be sexy.
In the past, you may have associated Ann Summers as a place to buy sex toys, crotchless knickers or tutti-fruity lube, but their new collection has so much more to offer. Their embroidered bodies, leather skirts, midi-slips or lacy bralets could be worn just as easily in a bar as they could in the bedroom. We’ve teamed up with them to show why everyone, no matter what shape or size, should be reinventing underwear as outerwear.
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