• Alepo Technologies Inc

5G has massive innovation and monetization potential for service providers. The key to unlocking this potential is to implement a robust digital Business Support System (BSS). A digital BSS helps operators implement innovative business models. In fact, it’s beneficial to modernize this infrastructure even before rolling out 5G, as it lets operators implement and monetize key 5G use cases even on previous-generation networks. A digital BSS overcomes the limitations of legacy BSS, helping service providers meet evolving customer demand for more digital services. It not only lets CSPs introduce differentiated services but also automate business processes. The digital BSS also provides an elastic, modern, and convergent system that can be virtualized. It also supports 5G capabilities such as real-time rating, metering, and charging for advanced digital services, monetization models like partner settlements (B2B2X), and more. Its top benefits include: ✔️ Phase-wise or rapid deployments ✔️ Accelerated monetization of use cases ✔️ Centralized product catalog management ✔️ Improved CRM ✔️ Efficient revenue management ✔️ Enhanced partner management ✔️ Automated omnichannel support #telecom #DigitalBSS #BSStransformation #digitaltransformation #BSS #CSPs

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