Humanities Matter - Animated Short Film

  • Annlin Chao

In the beginning, it was an empty and silent world; however, after a book was discovered, the character was dragged into an unpredicted journey.

What are humanities? What makes us human?

From a world of pure emptiness and nihility, the character was dragged into unpredicted but extraordinary worlds. The worlds ahead waiting for her seem to be imaginary, yet strangely familiar: archaeology, anthropology, history, religion, literature, art and music…They are the worlds of humanities.

Something unique about the story is definitely the pick-ups of different little elements in each world that transform the character: growing body parts through the sense of sight, the touch, the sound, and the smell…experiencing the emotion of curiosity, the laugh of the joy, and the tear of sorrow. At the end of the journey, the character finally grows into a ‘human’.

Directed by Annlin Chao, supported by researcher Jo Sofaer and fellows from Humanities European Research Area (HERA), this project brings together global animation talents and humanities researchers, exploring and discussing why humanities matters. Humanities are often underrated by its importance, yet it’s the key to supporting human-kind through all times, remembering who we are, not mentioning the essential role during this global crisis.


Director & Art Design: Annlin Chao
1st 2D Animation: Stephen Vuillemin
2nd 2D Animation: Annlin Chao
3D Animation: Bang Wei Cheng, Yi Pei Hou at Wildmotion Studio
Colouring & Lighting: Ivyy Chen
Music & Sound Design: Fab Martini at Rocket Studio
Production Company: Annlin Chao Studio
Humanities Research Team: Jo Sofaer, Tony Whyton
HERA Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fellows
Special Thanks: Noah and Gad Sofaer, Stephen Cocks, Mick Lin, Joshua Sofaer
Film extracts used by permission of HERA-funded projects
Intoxicating Spaces, Public Renaissance, and Fresh Ground Films.
Project funded and supported by HERA