Humanoids move to Lake Como in Dior x Stussy

  • Tom Fritz
Boredom and disenchantment are the feelings that distinguish the daily existence of a young humanoid portrayed within the walls of a historic villa on the banks of Lake Como.

Recalling the world that the first humanoids came to know, when they landed in Milan a year ago, prior to the pandemic, prior to the lockdown, when Milan used to be Europe’s heart, it transpires clear the image of an exciting universe, filled with possibilities and hope for the future. An ecosystem that opposes to the melancholy and the loneliness of this new planet, marked by alienation and distance, where every gesture is mediated by the digital sphere, where nothing is new, where nothing really matters anymore, in life as in fashion.

The iridescent jackets, the logo sweaters and the monogram shirts of the Dior x Stussy collection tell a teenage dream, long desired, but already missing once you live it. It’s the reaching of a peak that will inevitably correspond to a downfall, the inevitable decline of a model built on anticipation and hype that won’t never be the same. Not even such a symbolic and remarkable collection is enough to reawaken this creature from an intellectual and emotional drowsiness that seems impossible to escape from.

With the fading away of old habits and the emerging of new obsessions the young humanoid has finally discovered his human side, able to feel real emotions, dominated by a certain anxiety for an uncertain future.

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