• Monika Dolbniak

This project explores 3 group therapies, which aim to develop and improve communication and social skills among autistic people. Their objectives are to establish friendships, find love and learn how to ask for help. The design process focused on structuring 3 interactive therapies with the use of transferable and therapeutic clothes. The aim of this project is not to deliver a ready to wear product but to create an educational and adaptive solution in social therapy in which garments are used as tools that provide explorative experience. The participant is encouraged to modify and engage with specific pieces and layers, and with other participants throughout each of the 4 steps of therapy which are described in detail in supplementary guidebooks. Firstly, the user establishes and communicates his/her needs, accommodates the environment of the therapy, and lastly, integrates with others using modules from the collection. Shapes and details are inspired by hand poses’ shapes in tai chi and impulsive palm movements of people on the spectrum. Pieces were created in the line of comfort preferences of autistic people; therefore, the majority of the parts are bondawebbed to replace irritating threads, seams and tags. All pieces are made out of soft, sportswear fabrics in pale, friendly colours. Moreover, there is a weighted cord applied with the vinyl transfer so that a participant can be more focused.