HYPNAGOGIA - Graduate collection

  • Holly Farrow

My collection is called ‘Hypnagogia’ and is inspired by the hypnagogic state. Hypnagogia is the state between wakefulness and sleep and can be identified as the feeling of falling you may get as you fall asleep, which jolts you awake. My inspiration is mainly taken from the visual phenomena that can occur during the state, such as hallucination and dreaming. I have also been inspired by physical and auditory phenomena of the hypnagogic state. This includes the feelings of falling, flying and ‘exploding head syndrome’ a phenomena in which an individual may head loud, sometimes frightening noises. I have used colours that people commonly report seeing during hypnagogic hallucination. Examples of these are greens, purples and golds. I have used fabrics of contrasting weights to depict the unpredictability of hypnagogia. Print is a main feature of my collection, I have used photos of my own memories and distorted them to create prints. This is inspired by dreams being a way in which the brain processes memories, and how dreams may appear distorted. I have also used knit in the collection, although striped, the stripes are random in colour and width to again depict the states unpredictability.

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