i-D magazine / experiential space launch poster

  • Aneta Blanka Pejcharova

For my final major project at University I decided to create an experiential space for i-D magazine, the "i-D space". It is just an idea which is a potential direction for the publication. i-D space brings i-D magazine to life. It is a manifested physical environment of the publication, a completely new platform that is representative of i-D’s values and mission. But also, i-D space offers an immersive platform for emerging talent in the creative industries to showcase their work and helps them spread their artistic message to the public.

Below is the potential poster design for i-D space launch party.
The poster will be represented in tree different colours, with neo-mint being the main one as it is significant for the Spring 2020 trend.

The background is black, contrasting with the pastel colours used for the information spread. On the right side is a liquid graphic created from the representative colours : neo-mint, coral and vibrant red. The graphic is dynamic, meant to evoke optimistic and electric feeling that comes together with the opening of i-D space and its launch party.

The middle of the poster holds the main message - the launch party of i-D space. Additional information, such as location and line-up, is spread by the poster outlines. On the right side edge, the writing says „free booze live art“ to attract more interest- free booze however stands for three tokens given out for complimentary drinks and live art stands for a surprise live art performance by a secret illustration artist Kelly Anna.
On the right corner is located a QR code. If scanned, a site with information about the launch will pop up together with the option to RSVP.