• Glen Paul Mendes

MA Illustration and Visual Media

My project work done from 2015-17 is an exploration between artist and location where found objects transpose as artifact and compose into a contemporary art language, researching the American expressionists and as diverse as Tapies to Beuys theoretical influences from the Situationists are distilled in discovery and construction.
I work with photography and video, drawing sketched notes and photocopy which transpose into landmaps then into acrylic and natural materials, found objects, river water, charcoal and marker pens.
The photographs and paintings are an influence of the Land art which is about mapping location,connection mark making and star gazing.
Inspired by artists who like to walk in the wilderness and incorporate shamanic technique in the form of symbols and a unique working method, I am interested in a cultural heritage that passes the baton to those who are caretakers of the land.
anthropological areas found in Palaeolithic hunting methods, vibrant matter, psychogeography and recently Gaffuturisim. an Ethnographic exploration.