I got infected by Covid-19

  • Sug Sean Webster

This morning was the first time in two weeks that I've felt strong enough to get out of bed before 9am. I'm been isolating and recovering from the Covid-19 NEXT gifted me a new suit from their signature premium line since I've been isolating I used a tripod to shoot these images on my own in the emergency staircase of my building that no one ever uses. Then I edited them on my own. Can't wait for the world to be normal again so I can collaborate with you creative throughout London. For now I am back in isolation for 12 weeks! Thanks to everyone at the NHS. You are the real heroes. Get in touch if you'd like to create together sometime. I think we often forget that platforms like IG and The Dots are to socialise, network and find inspiration. Love being in a space with some many other creatives. Get in touch. Stay safe. Instagram.com/sugsean