I Wish I Made LEVI'S - Flat Eric I.D.

I WISH I MADE is a love letter series to commercials. This tribute is to Levi's Jeans 90's classics featuring Flat Eric.

This tribute to to Levi's Jeans 90's classic ad series featuring Flat Eric comes from IN / DEVELOPMENT curator and The Late Misters creative consultant Ross Olivey.
I WISH I MADE is a love letter series to commercials. It's dedicated to works (old and new) that we keep coming back to - little films that bring us joy, that challenge and inspire us. The only rules are that you have to crush on something you weren’t involved with and you have to do it in the span of the spot itself.
What inspires you?
Agency. BBH
Brand. Levi Strauss Jeans
Creative Team. John Hegarty, Nick Gill, Kim Papworth, Tony Davidson
Director. Mr OIZO / Quentin Dupieux
Prod Co. Partizan
Flat Eric’s Puppet Design by Janet Knechtel for Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Puppeteer. Drew Massey
Angel. Philippe Petit
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