Idris Elba Will Train to Become a (Real) Pro Kickboxer on Discovery’s ‘Fighter’

"It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to fight professionally," said Elba. "Entering the ring to further test myself as a human being is a challenge I have been looking to take on for quite some time."
Golden-Globe winning, Emmy Award-nominated actor and producer Idris Elba has taken on numerous roles but none like this.
In an all-new limited series announced today at the Edinburgh Television Festival, IDRIS ELBA: FIGHTER, Elba will undertake the most physically and mentally demanding experience of his career – training to become a professional kickboxer and ultimately compete against a seasoned brawler in a no-holds-barred bout.
This is no act. There is no script. This fight is real as are the potential repercussions.
Elba's continuing storytelling partnership with Discovery Networks International will give viewers unprecedented access and insight into Idris Elba the man, not Idris Elba the actor, showcasing what drives him, his aspirations in life and the challenges he wants to face and overcome.  
Marjorie Kaplan, President of Content, Discovery Networks International, said: "This raw yet intimate series will show a side of Idris that viewers and fans won't get from his spectacular film work. From East London to the Far East and the Caribbean, he'll explore strength, stamina and spirituality through a range of martial arts and their fascinating histories. We're absolutely thrilled that Idris has chosen Discovery to tell his story and journey in the right way."