Igloo by Elijah Young

  • TJ Roderick
  • Gabriella Persia

The first Directorial project I worked on through the Goldsmiths Drama Society.

"I am clean. I think. I shouldnt project.Polly and Jude are in the autumn of their relationship, and things are beginning to stagnate.Dirty crockery and empty juice bottles pile up and dominate the space as the two are seemingly trapped together in their relationship. Igloo is an exciting and intense piece whose characters inspire curiosity. With wonderful language, Polly and Jude venture further and further into themselves as their relationship crumbles - focusing on memories and a time that once was.Written by Elijah Young, directed by TJ Roderick, and assistant directed by Amy Fincham - brought to life by Gabriella Persias set and costume and produced by Goldsmiths Drama Society. Starring Charlotte Eyres as the Polly, Tallulah Pollock-Taylor as Jude and Oliver Kane Rice as Mile."


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