Igor & Moreno / Art Direction / Branding / Design / 2017

  • Sebastian Koseda
Igor and Moreno make work about people and what makes us such special animals. Their work is characterised by their interest in the moving body and the immediacy of action as a vehicle for meaning, ideas and desires.
I was asked by Igor and Moreno to help frame the duality and eccentricities of their performances, together we we undertook a branding exercise to get to the core of what they wanted their graphic identity to say and how.
Igor and Moreno ’share their views without dictating a single reading, instead creating space for reflection for the viewer.’ This viewpoint became an anchor for their brand allowing ambiguity to influence the typography in the form of a tilt shift effect.
Branding the contemporary dancers was an exciting and fulfilling experience, both of the guys are bursting with ideas and eager to work in innovative and experimental ways.
Igor and Moreno have presented their works extensively in Europe and also in the USA and Chile and have won various prestigious awards.
The Igor and Moreno brand is evolving with every new project.