Illustration Samples

  • Clare Warner

A small selection of my artwork to give an idea of the type of illustrations I make. Please see my website for more (I also post about my methods and materials over there too). You are welcome to connect with me here, or email me directly with any questions.

Mockup courtesy of Freepik
Hummingbirds and Lemon Blossom
10" x 14" | Winsor and Newtown Designers Gouache and Caran D'Ache Prismalo pencils
What's That?
140 mm x 140 mm | Gouache on mixed media paper
In a Flower Garden 6" x 6" | Watercolour and pen
Cow Parsley Dreaming 175 mm x 195 mm | Watercolour, coloured pencil, ink, gouache and pen
Dusk 189 mm x 189 mm | Watercolour, gouache, ink and gel pen
152 mm x 200 mm | Watercolour, gouache, ink and gel pen
Chaffinch 99 mm x 147 mm | Watercolour and pigment ink