im-print, IM-PRESS.

  • edwin garcia

BRIEF In this 'live brief' I collaborated with the Baddley Brothers, Foilco and G.F Smith. The aim of this project was to celebrate materiality, physicality and tactility through the means of 'Print'; this meant experimenting with; Paper, Foils and other alternative printing methods. CONCEPT (oil spills) the release of oil into the environment, ocean or land, through human activity and as a result causing pollution... This A6 postcard sized print piece is based around the idea of oil + water, the way they both come into contact with each other but never mix together to form one, thus forming these 'intricate outlines.' Visually beautiful yet physically destructive. SPECIFICATION 99 x 148mm GF Smith - colorplan (SMOKE) 270 gsm Foilco - Holographic foil Embossed (Acrylic plate)