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‘In Creative Conversation’ is a thought leadership interview series, focusing on spotlighting the journey founders and creatives have had in starting their own creative agencies/production companies or creative journeys. Here are some of the latest interviews...

In Creative Conversation with Laura Hurst – Paper Arcade

Laura Hurst is a Scotland based Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a handmade style making small businesses look bloomin' super. Check out our special interview on Wishu.

In Creative Conversation with Lex Hearth

London-based cool girl Lex Hearth a.k.a Lex on the Decks across her socials is a badass feminist creative. Lex works in marketing at Nike by day and juggles many a freelance creative project by night and weekend – yeah she’s a real life superwoman. From DJing in Mayfair to hosting podcasts that unpack the human side behind iconic female musical artists, Lex speaks to Wishu about her passion for providing women with the information needed to pursue a creative career with confidence. Check out our special interview with Lex on Wishu.

In Creative Conversation with Anna Dora Lascsik

Anna Dora Lascsik is a Hungarian-born London-based graphic designer. In the last 10 years she has worked with internationally recognised clients and the biggest agencies such as Ogilvy, Spring Studios and Viceland. She recently started her own studio ADL and is getting involved in experimental, concept driven projects around the world. Her style is defined by a quirky, soft, futuristic look and feel that have led her to being specialised (but not limited) for fashion, start-ups and beauty related projects.
Anna spoke to us about maintaining her niche, mentoring young designers and taking the leap to start her own one-woman agency. Check out our special interview with Anna on Wishu.
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