In Peace We Move print magazine

  • Jade Osadebe

Hi all, I'm the Editor-in-Cheif and Graphic Designer of my print magazine In Peace We Move. Check it out The first issue of In Peace We Move magazine is dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement. I created it in response to the negative press broadcasted by mainstream media. I went to two of the BLM protests and I can tell you they were not as the media percieved them to be - they were infact PEACEFUL. As someone who studied Journalism at Goldsmiths, I felt, as a Black British woman with a voice, it is important for me to shine this light. This magazine is the medium by which I will shine this light. The Black Lives Matter edition highlights the voices of those who have a story to tell. The first issue of In Peace We Move is available in print only. Editor-in-Chief, Graphic Design by Jade Osadebe Photography by Moa Ehren #BlackLivesMatter #Magazine #inpeacewemove #graphicdesigner #Graphic #editorialdesign #Editorial #InDesign #JuniorGraphicDesigner #SeniorGraphicDesigner