• Tati Yusuf LINK ABOVE FOR FULL ARTICLE... As I begin writing my blog post for the new company I intern/part-time work for (we’ll get to them later), I begin to understand the journey that I have been trying to undertake for around 2 years now. Ever since graduating in Art history and Literature I knew the working world was not going to be nice to me. I have sacrificed my dreams at this point to really work on finance and marketing experience. With ticking boxes and the constant need to prove yourself to the majority white men and women it is demanding and time-consuming. Nevertheless, I am super thankful and proud to have even achieved a degree and lived in a country where it is safe and accessible for me to undertake whatever I choose. However, the amount of system failures and constant lack of respect for, LGBTQ+, BAME womxn and Disabled womxn within and outside the creative sector is simply a matter of ticking boxes and it has to stop. Yet with many companies improving in hiring more minorities, where do we see the need for progress in the future?