Industry Talent Schemes

  • Imaan Hakeem

Great television should engage and surprise. Formats that reinvent and reimagine the tried and tested. Content that inspires and connects us to new audiences. Creating pioneering output means taking risks, keeping things fresh and seeing things through new eyes and from different perspectives. Which is why we invest in talent – those who can create compelling ideas and fascinating stories; and those with the vision to devise new ways to showcase them


Four people. One year. Endless possibilities to create. All expenses paid.
As part of 4Crew, you’ll go to some of the biggest live events and C4 Pop Ups. Why? So our audience get to see them through your eyes. You’ll be a paid freelancer, conceiving your own original ideas while developing the experience you need to get a foothold in the business. And what an experience it will be. Your output will appear on the 4Talent website and our social networks and we’ll assign you a mentor who’s been there and done it all before.


Creating the right conditions for new talent to flourish, to express its voice and bring it to a wider audience; these are the key drivers behind 4Screenwriting. It’s a hothouse for writers. Graduates from the course include those who’ve gone on to write for SHAMELESS and INDIAN SUMMERS for Channel 4 and YOUNGERS and BANANA for E4. This is your chance, not to follow in their footsteps, but to discover your own path to making great television.


Modern Britain is a richly diverse melting pot of cultures and ideas. It’s part of our extensive remit to reflect this and 4Stories offers you the perfect way to get involved.
This initiative is about seeking out fresh perspectives and distinctive voices amongst new and emerging talent. It’s about nurturing that talent and giving it the platform it deserves to reach a wider audience. We’re looking for three writers and three directors to tell one big story from three unique points of view. The result will be a three-part series of half-hour, interconnected films which we’ll broadcast on Channel 4.

Channel 4 Playwright Scheme

It’s part of our remit to seek out new voices and help them find an audience. It was with this in mind, together with our desire to nurture talent, that we took over the Pearson’s Playwright Scheme in 2013. Joe Penhall, Peter Moffat, Lucy Prebble, Jack Thorne, Martin McDonagh, Nancy Harris, Hanif Kureishi, Lydia Adetunji, Richard Bean and Tanika Gupta are just some of the names that have delighted, challenged and entertained audiences with the support of this scheme

The Channel 4 & Northumbria University Writing for TV Awards

New stories told by different voices from fresh perspectives. This is what Channel 4 is all about. Our partnership with Northumbria University and New Writing North will see us seek out these new storytellers through series of roadshows in Northern cities. Twenty submissions will go before our judging panel from which two bursary winners will be identified. They will go on to work with Red Production Company and Lime Pictures to realise their work to production standard.