Infinity Mirrors, 2016

Infinity Mirrors are a collection of custom made infinity mirrors in glowing green lights bearing 3 of MEC’s manifesto phrases: Explore the Unknown, Thrive and No Limits. MEC’s constant drive to explore the unknown is reflected in the name of this artwork, and in the nature of the typographic forms that literally disappear into an unchartered darkness. The statement 'No Limits’ extends across endless planes, unrestricted by any boundaries, whilst ‘Thrive’ echoes the constant ambition of all MECers to thrive in every aspect of their lives; this infinity mirror uses two angled glass elements to take the typographic form on a journey onwards and upwards.
Acrylicize has recently completed more than 80 art installations for the new Ogilvy Group UK Headquarters. The 20,000 sq. m workplace, located within Sea Containers, occupies a prominent location on the river Thames in London, between the Tate Modern and Oxo Tower. The space was designed in an innovative collaborative venture between BDG architecture + design and Matheson Whiteley.
The design of Sea Containers creates a dramatic, flexible and collaborative working environment, encouraging interaction between companies and their different divisions. Acrylicize were tasked with creating dynamic and engaging art work bespoke to the building, that reflected the company’s philosophies and values in visually striking forms.