Ingresso con Dispensa

  • Erica Agogliati
  • Francesca Avian
The aim of the project was the refurbishment of the entrance in an old country house, which wasn’t originally conceived to be a doorway but that, for ease of the inhabitants, undertook this role. The space never had a precise identity: it was a place to store preserved food and firewood, to lay the harvest but it also functioned as a laundry. At the basis of Ingresso con Dispensa there is the idea to show - and not to conceal - the beauty of having different functions and objects in an hybrid room. The space was divided in two areas: the first one (Ingresso) is what could be considered the proper entrance which naturally guides the hosts towards the pubic areas of the house; the second area (Dispensa) is a larder where a custom made cupboard and four panels hiding a laundry and a fridge evolve around a 18th century walnut table which occupies its original position. The two spaces are physically separated by a iron-framed glass window which creates the perception of a unique space: Ingresso con Dispensa. Traditional elements, such as the credenza, were reinterpreted featuring a pvc plastic little curtain; the sliding panels resemble the frosted glass of 50s cabinets.