Inked Up - March - May 2021

  • Susanna Pousette Okudzeto
  • Bee Hepworth
  • Gemma Murray

Bringing together internationally renowned tattoo artists with creators and lovers of all things ink, Inked Up celebrates the artistry of tattoos and the people who wear them. The latest exhibition from the depot_ showcases tattoo artists from around the world, displaying newly commissioned original works which translate their unique designs and style to paper. Featuring work from: Amanda Wachob Chris Guest Dasha Ebalotnaya Hill Joice Wang Luke Ashley Malvina Mani Martha Smith Mike Boyd Prisonstyle Rugman Wolfgang These stunning flash sheet influenced works are shown alongside contemporary artists for whom the inclusion of tattoos and tattoo culture within their practice is both a natural fit and an exciting new addition - Inked Up highlights a fresh perspective on the broad and age old theme of "the tattoo".