Insights of an Eco Artist Vol.II Now Available

  • Nana Smith
  • Joana Alarcão

Insights of an Eco Artist is an international art publication that features selected artists and writers from around the globe with a high focus on contemporary art and those tackling issues of social and ecological justice. Available in Print and digital version. Feature artists Alice Novello, Mathias Escotto, Nick Rasmussen, Kenneth Henckel, Ariel Zhang, Kate Bortsova, Petros Lales, Rodion Voskresenskii, Marlou Jaspers, Fortune Tellus Project, Cameron Lings, Amanda Heck, Helena Barbagelata, George Kascheev, Ashleigh Alexandria. ​ Edition: November 2022- Issue II ISSUE II is 100% curated editorial content. No commercial Ads published. Portuguese Sustainable Printer ACD

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