Instagram's alien entities are a manifestation of millennial punk

  • Emma Latham Phillips

For INDIE, I wrote a long-form article about a movement dubbed as “Alien Beauty”. Trendsetters are resisting oppression, boundaries and walls, and exploring a non-gendered existence that manifests through alien forms.

For this article, I spoke to the artist Hatti Rees and discussed the work of Salvia and Fecal Matter. A driving factor behind this new alien glamour is the desire to subvert, not only gender binaries but sex and “humanness” itself. These creatives are not only frustrated by the constrictions of sexuality but also humanity. Hatti Rees, better known by the moniker Aunt Petunias Friendz, comments, “I want to achieve complete fluidity. I want to achieve this point in the future where it’s not strange to be a boy one day and a woman the next, or perhaps even an alien on the weekend”.