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However much individuals consume an ever increasing number of recordings, entrepreneurs as a rule like to reuse the old recordings as opposed to make new ones and burn through 1000s of dollars on every video. That is a savvy thing to do, as a matter of fact!
Nonetheless, internet promoting is a genuine WAR! Everybody is posting recordings and with the quantity of recordings coming out each moment, there is such an excess of messiness that most of the recordings slip through the cracks.
On the off chance that your recordings don't proceed as you expected, you'll presently find the arrangement you really want!
What I will show you is state of the art innovation applying a moment fix to your recordings and getting you all the commitment your video merits. With this apparatus, you can increment commitment, brand esteem, traffic, lead age, and changes.
Regardless of whether you dislike your video or you simply couldn't care less about it, you can produce an extra pay source by utilizing this apparatus!
Will you accept that this innovation assisted form an endorser with posting of 300,000+? Might it be said that you are interested about this? All things considered, I'll show you how! This Instawrapper Review is the most important letter you will read today…
InstaWrapper is a point-and-click tool for making videos more attractive to audiences so they will follow your call-to-action that increases your conversions without draining your wallet.
InstaWrapper has two front end options called Instawrapper Starter and Instawrapper Elite. This product also has InstaWrapper Bundle Deal & 5 other InstaWrapper OTOs. The 1st is Instawrapper Pro, the 2nd Instawrapper OTO is Instawrapper Template Club, the 3rd is Instawrapper Agency, the 4th Instawrapper OTO is Instawrapper Reseller, the 5th Instawrapper OTO is InstaWrapper Video Agency Mastery. The product is by Karthik Ramani. All the links >>>
InstaWrapper FE: InstaWrapper
InstaWrapper OTO 1: InstaWrapper Bundle
InstaWrapper OTO 2: InstaWrapper Professional
InstaWrapper OTO 3: InstaWrapper Template Club
InstaWrapper OTO 4: InstaWrapper Agency
InstaWrapper OTO 5: InstaWrapper Reseller
InstaWrapper OTO 6: InstaWrapper Video Agency Mastery


  • Instawrapper Video Creator Software: New Revolutionary Software That’s Designed To Engage & Sell! Total Revolution & Complete Paradigm Shift In Video Creation.
  • 300+ Font: Make the text look the way you want
  • 200 Pre-Done Scene Templates: All scenes are customizable with your content like text, image, videos, colors, and more
  • Background Audio Tracks: Background music audio tracks to get you started.
  • 100 Full HD Background Videos: Animated motions background video to make your videos richer.
  • Access to 1.4 million stock photos: …through Pixabay Integration. Use as featured or as background.
  • Access to Closed Facebook Group: It allows you to join vibrant community of 11,000+ video creators, bring your video creation skills to the next level, and get feedback for your videos.
  • Video Tutorials: Easy to follow tutorials how to use the software more effective way.


Feature #1: Create unlimited Attention Grabbing Videos
You aren’t limited to a certain number of videos. You have the opportunity to create as many videos as your heart desires for one incredibly low price.
Feature #2: 100 Hand Crafted Templates
We’ve had our professional design team create 100 beautiful, easy to use templates that are personally designed in house that give you a huge time advantage in creating videos either for your business or clients.
Feature #3: Multiple Layouts
Create Videos in any configuration. We’ve multiple preset layouts and templates in each type to choose from! Covers every possible video dimension you would ever want to create!
Feature #4: Create Video From Scratch
Simply upload your video. Choose the template. Place the text. You can then use the timeline editor which allows you to place Gifs, Emojis, shapes, images, or any texts to appear at any particular point in the video.
Preview it – when it looks awesome click render. You can also add automated caption, and render again. It’s as simple as point and click.
Feature #5: 10 MOV Templates (Alpha Transparency)
We also have 10 MOV templates with alpha transparency to make your videos irresistible. You can see them HERE.
Feature #6: Import video from multiple sources
You can import videos from:
Feature #7: Automated Captions & Full Captioning Support
Not only can you get automated captions for your videos, but you can also edit captions and even reach audiences who are watching your videos on mute.
Feature #8: Upload Captions in ANY language
You are free to upload captions in ANY language by importing your .srt file into Instawrapper! This makes it easy to take your message global or to serve clients around the world.
Feature #9: Easy Header & Footer Wrapper
Add “Wrappers” to the header and footer of your videos in just a few clicks of your mouse.
Feature #10: Video of any length / No time Restrictions.
We don’t limit you to “time restrictions”. Your video can be as long as needed to captivate your audience and get them to take action.
Feature #11: Customize with your own branding and personality…
You can add your own branding with own logo, shapes, images, gifs, watermarks and emojis
Feature #12: Video Progress Bar
You’ve seen the biggest names in marketing use these, and you can add the exact same features to your videos.
This has been proven to dramatically improve conversion rates.
Feature #13: Add Countdown Timers To Your Videos
You can add customized countdown timers to your video to show both how much time is left in your video and add a sense of urgency.
Feature #14: 50 Top Notch Fonts Built-in.
We know that you need fonts that will catch their eye so we’ve built in 50 top-notch fonts you can use.
Feature #15: Customize Videos with Shapes, Emojis, Images, GIFs.
You can add customizations to add personality, callouts, or to help add emphasis to your message.
Feature #16: Export Video Up to 4K
High quality video is essential, and when you export your video you can in HD of up to 4K so your clients will know that you are at the top of your game.
Feature #17: Millions of Stock Footages / Stock Images.
We give you access to MILLIONS of Stock Footages and Stock Images you can use. This alone makes it worth the price!
Feature #18: 100+ Icons You Can Use.
We include 100+ Icons you can use to customize your video.
Feature #19: Preview Before Rendering.
You can see what your video will look like before you render, so it makes it a smooth process to edit your video right to the point it’s perfect and ready to render.
Feature #20: Timeline Editor
Add any item at any point of time in the video and make it scream for attention


  • Simple 3 Step Process – Requires No Technical Skills or Video Experience
  • Downloadable Desktop Software Available for PC & Mac
  • Create Unlimited Videos. No restrictions
  • Includes Lifetime V1 Updates!
  • Create and Sell For $300 to $500 Each!
  • Special One Time Pricing!
  • 200 Pre-Made Scene Templates
  • Over 300+ Fonts Included
  • Unlimited Images To Use with Pixabay Integration
Besides that, with Instawrapper you can create both square & vertical videos for IGTV and Facebook. The most exciting new Instagram feature is IGTV, a new app for watching long-form vertical video.
Instawrapper is the very first app, which not only allows you to create fascinating standard format videos but also allows making both long-form vertical videos for IGTV and square videos for Facebook, all from pre-done scene templates.
What kind of video Instawrapper can make?
  • Create Attention Getting Animation
  • Build Engaging Animated Scenes
  • Produce Hollywood Promo Videos
  • Make Creative Kinetic Typography
  • Create High Quality Parallax Videos
  • Animate Product Launch Videos
  • Make Top Converting Youtube Outros
  • Create Eye Catching Logo Stings