Integrating content design at Breast Cancer Now

  • Bridie Wilkinson

Content design is a user-centred way of creating content. I implemented this strategy and way of working at Breast Cancer Now.

Breast Cancer Now's content talks to a lot of different audiences: fundraisers, researchers, campaigners, people looking for support. They all have different needs when they come to our website.

Content design helped our team to understand what these user needs are and what is the best way to respond to them.

Content design also helped us make sure our content is accessible. In the UK, 1 in 5 people have a disability. We had to make sure none of our users were excluded from having their needs met. This is also now law.
What did I do?

  • Conducted a content audit to identify where our content was currently failing
  • Worked our our user needs through discovery workshops, data and evidencing
  • Developed clear user journeys
  • Revised our content strategy to have content design at it's heart
  • Produced content design how-to guides and one pagers to share the knowledge across the charity
  • Trained up key stakeholders in our content design principles

What was the result?
Breast Cancer Now's content responded to the question: ‘what does the user need to know?’ at every step.