Invasion of Privacy for Coeval Magazine

  • Antonia Adomako
  • Nicole Vernon

"The version of one’s self that is expressed when alone in their bedroom is unparalleled to any other that is revealed to the world. Nicole Vernon alongside photographer Antonia Adomako expands on this concept through ‘invading’ the privacy of eight individuals. The importance of a safe space where designer from South London, Charlie McCosker can flaunt her creative drive is just as important as a haven for models Yustyna and Sam to nurture their relationship. Through taking fashion portraits and intimate stills of these young Londoners in their private environments, Invasion of Privacy showcases what it means to have your own space and the importance it can hold in terms of maintaining one’s sense of self. The relationship between siblings roughly ten years apart in age is explored, as well as a young designer living in student accommodations." - Words by Chloe Cheng