Is ‘fake news’ still a problem for society?

  • Charles Lambert

Top academics strip back the layers of fake news The Open University needed an interview-based film exploring the impact that disinformation and ‘fake news’ is having on modern society. The film set out to showcase expertise from a range of academics and journalists; based from a communications point of view. The film is structured around three key themes: the relationship between fake news and conspiracy theories, why the term ‘fake news’ is so problematic, and how organisations are fighting back against the problem. The combination of expert knowledge and relevant archive provides students with a thorough understanding of the fake news phenomenon.

"An intelligent, well-informed, and watchable introduction to fake news and related phenomena such as conspiracy theories. For anyone who wants to know what fake news is and why it matters, this is the place to begin."
- Quassim Cassam Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick

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