Jack Daniel's CG Photo Enhancement

We were engaged by Jonathan Knowles, a London photographer, to aid in the creation of the Jack Daniel's Christmas 2014 print campaign. Our task was to create CGI Christmas fairy lights that would be small enough to wrap around both the Jack Daniel's Old No.7 and Honey Whiskey bottles.
The bottles were photographed by Jonathan Knowles and then sent to us before retouching, which was carried out by Gareth Pritchard. We then created a CGI version of the bottles to wrap the lights around. A single red and green light was modelled with a section of coiled green wire, then a rig was created with mograph to create instances which were applied to a spline that wrapped around the bottles. The light and studio setup was then created and rendered using the VrayforC4D engine. The final render was output as a multipass image so that we could separate each layer, such as highlights, reflections and shadows, and overlay them on top of the photography. Alpha channels were used to separate the lights and each light glow had its individual layer for final compositing.
A secondary part of the brief was to supply an on and off light version for an online animation, which was very easy to create using 3D.

Team Credits

Emlyn Davies


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