Jack Daniel's eCommerce: Lynchburg's most popular store

Jack Daniel’s wanted to launch a UK eCommerce site to tap into the growing trend of online alcohol purchase, encourage trade up to their super premium products and create an additional direct channel for consumers.

Our Challenge:

Whilst Jack Daniel’s wanted to sell their products, they didn’t want to do it in pushy way.

Their marketing philosophy has always been ‘tell not sell’ and they wanted the brand stories and unique characteristics of their products to encourage people to purchase, without using traditional hard sell tactics.

Our Approach:

Jack is a unique brand with unique stories, which it tells in a unique way.

We knew that if we leveraged the brand’s stories and personality this would lead people to the products and help them find the right one to meet their needs.

Our Story:

Tone of voice was key – this isn’t just a shop, it’s Jack’s online home and we wanted consumers to feel welcome.

The site was designed so that consumers see and learn something new about Jack every time they visit, to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the brand.

It houses the White Rabbit Bottle Shop for liquids and the Lynchburg Hardware and General Store for merchandise; with simple navigation to get straight to what you what you want if you already know what you’re looking for and plenty of inspiration if you haven’t quite made up your mind.

The story led content really lives up to the tell not sell brand philosophy, providing so much more engagement than a standard eCommence site.

Impact Content:

The site had 86,000 unique visitors in the first four weeks, with sales smashing targets.