Jack Daniel's Grill Buddy

Summer. A time for chilled drinks, cool swimming pools and sandy beaches. Not exactly a traditional time to break out a bottle of whiskey.

Our Challenge:

We were tasked to establish Jack Daniel’s to be top of mind and relevant to millennial males when it comes to summertime in the UK.

Our Approach:

For over 25 years, Jack Daniel’s has had a long lasting love affair with BBQ. The distillery plays host to one of the world’s most prestigious barbeque championships and their world famous whiskey is mellowed through 10ft of packed charcoal to give it its distinct flavour.
So we had every right to talk about BBQ, but needed to make our whiskey central to the occasion, whilst underpinning its craft and specialness.

Our Story:

The Jack Daniel’s Grill Buddy was born. The ultimate BBQ app that precision timed cooking of multiple cuts and types of meats. It offered championship winning grill recipes and drinks to match. It saved ‘grill lists’ to make prepping a breeze and used GPS to push BBQ weather updates. It also allowed star grillers to shoot and share their creations via social. All with a good measure of Jack.

Our Impact:

Our results were cooked to perfection. Hitting the no. 5 food app spot on iTunes within two weeks and over 14,000 app downloads within a month of launch.