Jack Daniel's Xmas: An untraditional traditional Christmas.

Christmas. A hugely important and challenging time for alcohol brands. They find it difficult to stand out due to the vast amount of marketing noise, and often, festive messages get lost.

Our Challenge:

We were tasked to create a Christmas campaign for Jack Daniel’s that not only stood out, but also reasserted Jack’s values at this over-commercialized time of year. It wasn’t just about selling; it was about providing consumers with a fun, engaging and uniquely Jack way of connecting with friends and family.

Our Approach:

Our inspiration for this campaign came from Jack’s home town and their tradition of raising a rather unconventional ‘tree’ – standing 26ft tall, Lynchburg’s Barrel Tree is made entirely of 140 barrels that once housed the distillery’s famous whiskey. And this got us thinking about all those other untraditional Christmas traditions out there. So we encouraged consumers to share and celebrate their unique traditions with Jack, no matter how untraditional they may be.

We certainly spread some Christmas spirit.

Our Impact:

We created Jack Daniel’s biggest ever Christmas campaign. And certainly got more than we wished for. Our campaign struck a huge chord with consumers. Entries exceeded targets by over 200%, and our social engagement rate hit 3% vs a benchmark of 1%. Our email open and click through rates exceeded industry average by 14%.